Raefer Wallis

This episode of PropertyShe asks:

Is your building more relevant to your health and wellbeing right now than your Doctor?

What does this mean for how landlords should think about their responsibility, and working with the tenants and other occupiers in its buildings?

What different attitudes are being seen between Europe, America, Asia?

Raefer Wallis is an Architect and the founder of GIGA, an independent third party combining the development of building standards with cloud technology to increase the accessibility and impact of healthy buildings globally.

Working at the intersection of healthy buildings and cloud technology, Raefer has pioneered standards for data quality which are now used internationally and serve as foundations for both RESET and ORIGIN, GIGA’s two primary areas of focus:

  • RESET is the world’s first building standard to assess and benchmark the health performance of buildings using continuous monitoring. Working in collaboration with the World Green Building Council and the Woodrow Wilson Institute, RESET also manages the non-profit Plant-a-Sensor campaign.
  • ORIGIN is the world’s largest hub of data on building materials and a proud supporter of the mindful Materials collaborative. ORIGIN’s set of tools includes MATTER, an advanced tool for owners managing building material data within their projects.