The first step on the way to an equitable society with LandAid

Alice Lamb. Deputy CEO, Landaid

Creating an equitable and just society is at the heart of LandAid says Alice Lamb, Deputy CEO at Land Aid, where they have just launched their First Step appeal campaign to create 1,000 homes by 2024.

Creating a truly equitable, fair and just society for all those who live in it, is at the heart of LandAid, the property industry charity. As we support young homeless people across the UK to move out of homelessness and onto bright future, I see all the time the consequences of us living in an inequitable society.

Homelessness is not inevitable. For young people who find themselves approaching charities for help across the country, they have often found their way there through structural reasons that have meant that they do not have a fair chance at success. Many young homeless people grow up in poverty, overcrowded homes and have experience of the care system. All of these factors lead to them starting lower down the ladder than perhaps many of us – making this ladder seem that much steeper and reaching the top seem so much further way.

At LandAid, we know that with the right support and guidance, life doesn’t have to be this way.

This week we launched our First Step appeal – the campaign is the first step in our three-year strategy to create 1,000 homes and to be delivering £1m worth a pro bono a year by 2024. But more importantly, it will give hundreds of vulnerable young people the first step out of homelessness and onto the rest of their lives.

By funding eight key emergency accommodation projects across the country, run by leading local homelessness charities, we’ll be creating vital bed spaces for young homeless people.

As the charity working with the remarkable real estate industry, an industry that affects and creates communities across our country, we also know there is a bigger role to play. ESG is a hot topic and becoming more and more important to our industry. For LandAid, the First Step appeal, and our new three year strategy, isn’t just about us creating homes for young people, its about us helping our partners to create a positive social impact in their communities, together.

We believe we can end youth homelessness – but we can’t do it alone. By working together, we can make our society truly equitable for the next generation and beyond.

Find out more about the LandAid First Step appeal: www.landaid.org